Ballerina Battle Arena!

So I mentioned it in the last post but at Global Game Jam, I made a small game using PICO-8 (a fantasy console you can learn more about here) called Ballerina Battle Arena, where you played as a ballerina and you fight waves of  break dancers using ballet moves, it was silly and fun and looked a bit like this.

However, I had so much fun with it and I just kept coming up with so much for it that just wouldn’t have been possible at a game jam that I decided I would continue working on it.

I’ve started from scratch and moved from PICO-8, even though I love it, to Unity, so I can up the scale and hopefully make this something really cool.

The GDD is coming together and I’m learning as much about dance as I can to try and make all the dancing in the game relatively accurate.

I will be dropping the pixel art for something a little bit prettier, I’d love to find an artist to be my partner in this, I have my eye on some people, I just have to sell them on the idea.

The other interesting opportunity the project presents is a focus on a killer soundtrack, I would love to get a really nice theme to go with each style of dance present in the game, I also have some leads on this, so hears hoping that pans out.

I’m very excited about the project and I’ll try and keep up these blogs to keep a log of progress, all posts about the project will be tagged with BallerinaBattleArena.

That’s it for now, I’m going to get back into it!