Captain Cat!

Recently I have been a little bit of a holiday, I had a whole two-week break from university!
However, I didn’t spend much of my rather short break relaxing, while I did take a small break from programming I spent a large amount of my break writing documents, teasing out ideas, building asset lists and finding people who might be interested in working on a bit of a bigger project I have coming up (more on that later).

However, there was another project a friend of mine talked me into doing, after pointing out that we’d never collaborated on anything before, she pitched me “Captain Cat!”.

Captain Cat is a cat who is adventuring through the seas in their very own submarine, unfortunately for Captain Cat, their sub is springing leaks!!
The aim of the game is to help Captain Cat patch the leaky holes whilst also trying to catch Octopuses to join him as OctoCrew that can help patch holes and pump leaked water back out of the sub.

The player draws where they would like Captain Cat to go and they will go there!
The very first prototype looked like this

It is a lot more polished and cool now but I, unfortunately, do not have any footage of it yet, I’ll post some soon!

So far it has been a lot of fun working with my friend Naomi on this project and I’m glad she talked me into it.
Here’s a picture of her drawing the sub on the studio office whiteboard

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