Cap’n Cat update 2

So, Captain Cat has come to fair way, over the last couple weeks. more assets have been added and a lot of stability issues and refinements have gone in.
There is now a cute ocean for Captain cat to explore!


So, as usual, I’m going to talk about an issue I ran into getting to this point.
So obviously one of the biggest changes is the environment that’s been added, this proved to be a bit of a headache, unfortunately.
I was told that I was to do a repeating, parallaxing background, which is simple enough and would have looked pretty cool, however, when the art was delivered from the artists it was a single image which did not tile, the designer decided to make some modifications to try and salvage it so we could still use the asset.

In short, no matter how we altered it, it really did not work at all and the artists were unable to redo the asset as they had moved on to another project.

Since the original asset looked good I decided to use it and find another way of conveying movement.
I had a peek at some of the other unused assets and come up with a solution, I made a bubble machine!
Having bubbles rise up from the bottom and move toward the right of the screen along with the ground moving provided the illusion of movement and added a bit of charm that I think looks pretty good.
I still may add a little bit rocking or bobbing to the sub to give it a little more life.

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