Trying something new

I’ve come to the end of my university degree and after final submissions and months of work I need a little bit of a break from writing code and have put my current major project on hold for a bit.

I do however want to keep busy and work on a project.
I had considered doing something little in PICO-8, however I thought maybe something a little different might be a better choice.

I finally decided on a card game!

Now I didn’t want to dive into anything like magic the gathering or even netrunner where you have to collect cards and build different decks, I wanted a contained experience, something with a standard set of available units, more like chess with each player being provided with the same cards.

Having set out scope and some goals of what I wanted to achieve I got down to rapid prototyping.
The most obviously place to start I thought was using a standard set of playing cards.

This provided me with two sets of identical cards, red and black, as well as values to use for some kind of scoring system or card differentiation.

With a set of game pieces to work with, I thought it best to find some kind of theme or idea to base the rule set around.
I thought about chess again, a game based around the strategies of war, and decided on basing it around medieval battles.

After a couple hours of brainstorming and quick play testing I had come up with a base set of rules.

The whole process went a lot smoother and a lot quicker then expected, at first this concerned me as it probably meant the design was trash but after more play testing and showing a number of people, including devs and friends, it seems to be very playable and reasonably fun.

Over the next week I spent time refining, tweaking and adjusting rules.
I have got it to a point were I am happy to start doing more in depth and intensive play testing.
I have started to convert the set of cards from a regular set of playing cards to cards specific to this game, once I have made a prototype set of cards, most likely using my amazing MS paint skills, I will use it to get as much user play testing as possible, getting feedback and making the best version of this game as I can.

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