Current Projects

These are the projects I’m currently actively working on, A lot of these are side projects and almost all of them are works in progress.

BEWARE most of the projects are using placeholder “programmer art”.

Ballerina Battle Arena

Original vertical slice written in Lua, current form written in C#

Ballerina Battle Arena is My current major side project, it started at GlobalGameJam 2017, It started its life in the PICO-8 fantasy console running on a raspberry pi hooked up to a portable CRT display from the 1980’s, it looked a little something like this…

The basic plot is of a ballerina who is determined to prove that ballet is superior to break dancing and to prove this she is has a full contact dance off with a bunch of break dancers!
The concept ended up going quite well and a lot of people thought it was a fun idea.
After GGJ17, I decided to put some design docs together and have been working on it since.

Currently, I am the lead designer, programmer and project manager for BBA, working with a very talented artist and a very accomplished composer, more on the other team members to come!

The current state of the project has seen it move platforms and a complete overhaul of the art style and direction, again there will be more about these aspects to come.

I’ll leave you with a before and after to get an idea of how the project has started to evolve.

Original Sprite sheet from Game Jam:

Current Character Concept:


“While tending a field of turnips, A farm hand witnesses a large creature besiege the kingdom, without hesitation they pick up their pitchfork and set off to protect their village and is thrust in an adventure full of excitement, peril and a magic”

Follow our brave young hero as they battle their way through four stages of fun platforming and exciting combat, with each stage culminating in an unique boss battle.

This is my first major project as creative lead and lead programmer , which has helped me expand my skill set and flex my creative muscles a little more then I have previously.

My primary roles and responsibilities on this project include

Creative lead:

  • Overall mechanical and narrative design
  • Design Documentation
  • Art direction
  • Tool research and management

Lead Programmer

  • Developing base systems
  • Enemy AI behaviours
  • Asset management and implementation
  • UI systems

Currently we have not released much information on this project as it is still in production so please stayed tuned for more information in the coming months.


Shader Demo Scene

Projects created in shader forge, additional work done in CG code

Recently I have started to become very interested in shaders and how powerful they can be.
In this demo scene there are about of my basic shaders that I am currently working on.
Please note that this scene is just to demonstrate the shaders within it.

Laser Shader
uses sine waves and UV panners to pulsate and HDR bloom effects to glow

Water Shader
This is my favourite and the shader I will be spending a lot of my time improving.
It uses two water normal maps and lerps between them, passes it through a UV panner to get a bit of movement, and then using the result it uses vertex offsets to git its height and movement.
The last component is to get refraction of the normal makes to create a subtle reflection.

Lava Shader
This shader uses a combination of masking and perlin noise, with a bit of vertex offset to create a rocky flowing lava surface.