My Work


Got what it takes to become a world class body builder? 

In SwoleNut you take on the role of a weedy little walnut with great aspirations of becoming a swole body builder!

Work out and buff up your little nut body, compete in amateur body building contests and work your way up through the weight classes until you are the best around!


SwoleNut is an incremental clicker game for mobile platforms using the free to play model, SwoleNut is set to be released in late 2018 on the Google play store and will be my first commercial release.

Check back for more information after release!

Graveyard Shift

Unbalanced Beta version for android can be found here.

Graveyard Shift is a spooky themed tower defence game for mobile devices,
made as a student project with a core team that consisted of four designers and two programmers over a two month period.

On this project I worked a co-lead programmer alongside Jaris Rener, due to the scope and nature of the project we decided to focus on building the game in a way that would allow the designers access to tools such as a level editor and enemy and tower database which they could use for rapid balancing and level construction.

My primary duties for the project include:

  • A data based pathfinding system for the enemies to improve efficiency on mobile hardware.
  • Enemy AI that derives from a single base class, including 6 unique enemy types and behaviours.
    Some of which include unique pathing behaviours, stat buffs and regeneration, and special powers such as disarming traps.
  • A wave management system that allows the designers to easily build up waves of enemies for individual paths within a level and a run time manages all enemies within the current wave and overall level.
  • Implementing animator systems and states for all enemies and towers that have a rotation.

As well as general programming tasks, UI work and minor design work.

Example of a unique enemy type, the spiders ignore the path and find their own way

The game has a cartoonish but charming feel to it and has a total of 9 levels at the time of writing.

The game is still under development and is currently under rapid change due to balancing and various mechanical bugs, treat the release as a pre-beta release or an early access release, expect some instabilities and many changes to come.

Cap'n Cat

Cap'n Cat is a casual mobile game designed for simple input and gameplay, about a cat who explores the sea in a leaky submarine!
It has a bright, colourful and charming aesthetic and a fun and playful setting and theme.

Our primary goal of Cap'n Cat was to create a game that is simple to play that doesn't have much commitment in terms of game play, is visually appealing, and allow for a broad appeal to a number of different demographics.

My primary role on the project was that of a programmer, however, I contributed many of the design aspects that made it into the end product.

Primary responsibilities included

  • Flexible pathing input system
  • basic AI systems.
  • Agent and environmental spawn factories.
  • graphics and audio asset implementation.

For more info on the development of CC you can have a peek at my blog.