About Rohan

A young programming student from Melbourne Australia slowly creeping into the video game industry.
Particularly interested in narrative driven experiences, interesting mechanics and robots!

Currently working primarily with C# with a preference for the Unity engine, however, have experience in other languages such as C++, Lua and Python, with a desire to expand my knowledge of these and other languages.

I have experience in other major engines as well such as UE4 and make hobby projects in the fantasy console PICO-8.

I also have a budding interest in Linux and am endeavouring to learn about Linux systems in my spare time and would be interested in developing for Linux in the future.

Looking to meet and work with a diverse range of people and ideas, I believe in diversity in all things and I think that games are such a wonderful medium to learn about different cultures, communities, lifestyles and values, representation is good for everyone, I will always welcome people regardless of race, gender, sexuality or creed. I want to work with all of you!